Prince of Peace
We are fully enveloped in the holiday season this morning. Thanksgiving was a couple of weeks ago, Christmas is a couple of weeks away.
And the world is running at full speed. I was in walmart the other night to pick up dinner, and saw no less than 4 tvs rolling through checkouts. Carts and lines were all over full, the milk racks were mostly empty. I heard one guy cussing into his phone as he exclaimed his need to get out of there, because it was too busy.
And in that moment, part of me was a little bit put off - because hey man, you’re cussing about lines at the grocery/tire/tv/laundry/pet food store? But as I have thought about it more, I havet come to the conclusion that this guy was expressing, in his own personal conversation that I wasn’t invited into either to hear or to preach about later, his guy was expressing a deep - heart wrenching - broken desire for peace. And that resonated. That struck me.
Because the human condition - desires peace.
As we begin our Christmas celebrations, I wanted to take some time this morning and discover again what it means to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, the Prince of peace.