That's Unbelievable
This morning we find ourselves in Hebrews chapter 4 - continuing our study of the book. As we study these books together, it is important to remember that we will not cover every topic, every word contained within this book. We will spend some time here, studying the word together, in an attempt to understand what God would have for us here.
Today we are going to be dealing with the very serious sin of unbelief - which as we read through this book of Hebrews, we find to be one of the primary focuses.
As we study this together, I can’t help but think of the things that have gone on in the last few weeks in our little family here. Situations that you have shared with me and situations of my own, and how timely this word is for so many of us. Not because you are all struggling with unbelief, necessarily, but the hints of it have invaded our homes - our families.
The enemy has taken things that we know we know, and whispered “but are you sure?” enough times that maybe we aren’t. I have prayed and wept with many this week. This is a perfect time to find encouragement in the word.