Hebrews 8
Last week was resurrection Sunday - we came together to celebrate the reality that Jesus did not stay dead on the cross, or in that tomb but that He rose again, and today is seated at the right hand of the father. It was a wonderful service, this house was full - the food was fantastic, and the fellowship was filling.
Today we are returning to our study of the book of Hebrews.
When we last left off, we were in Hebrews 6. I really enjoy going through these studies together, chapter after chapter within the same book for a lot of reasons. It is far easier for me to know what to preach on next, it seems like as I preach through each book things come up exactly when they need to, and we cover such a variety of issues. It is easier for me to be faithful to the scripture, because I am not so much bouncing around preaching on the things that I want to preach on. In fact, today is quiet the opposite. Today I am teaching on an issue that I don’t like preaching on at all because I know how people feel about it.
Today we are going to deal with the issue of tithing.